Hi there! My name is Michael Decker and I am a PM&R Resident living in Southern California. I successfully conquered the match and learned so much throughout the process. The match can be confusing and quite overwhelming. I refer to it as a game – deceptively similar to reality TV shows, but containing about 10 times the manipulative behavior.

I read all the ‘Choose your Specialty’ books, took the aptitude tests, and visited all the websites. To my dismay, a substantial resource has been lacking. My continued search has included discussions with program directors, sitting on interview committees, observing interview techniques and their effectiveness, and analyzing personal statements for maximum impact. I have used all of this to guide and advise lots of medical students to provide them with the individualized strategies to appropriately choose and match into the specialty of their choice. It is my vision to provide you with thought provoking dialogue that will address the questions that need to be asked, help you focus on what matters, and ensure that you are confident in your choice of medical specialty.

Comment freely, ask questions, and shoot me an e-mail if you need some advice or direction.






Michael Decker, DO



Hello all you medical trainees out there! My name is Matthew Bloom and I’m a PM&R Resident living in New Orleans, LA. It’s already been quite a long journey for me, but along the way I’ve learned a tremendous amount about how to do well while training to become a future doctors and now I want to share that knowledge with all of you.

During medical school I heard lots of different advice from lots of different sources about residency. So much so, in fact, that it became overwhelming pretty quickly. I yearned for a simple and comprehensive strategy to help me choose my specialty and then match into one of my top choices for residency. Docs of Tomorrow is specifically geared toward helping you make the right choice of specialty, and then providing you with a plan to conquer the match, including applying to, interviewing at, and ranking programs. We will get your career in medicine started in the right direction by reducing the fear associated with choosing a specialty and getting you through the match a winner. We’ve also expanded our services to provide guidance to residents about how to succeed during residency and beyond.

Please check out the website, download the podcast, visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and contact me directly via email with any questions. Most importantly, get ready to dominate your medical training!






Matthew Bloom, DO