Call it advising, coaching, guidance, a little nudge, a swift kick….call it whatever you want.

We offer it.


What we’ve seen and been told by many medical students and residents is that their residency and career advising was “average”, which is okay if you want AVERAGE results. But in reality, average results in medicine can be devastating especially when it comes to choosing your future career.

One student in the top 10% of his medical school graduating class with stellar board scores did not match into the specialty of his choice. Later, we identified a number of key mistakes based on the average advice he received from his medical school advisers.

With such monumental decisions to be made and specific timelines for making them, we recommend exceptional guidance and advice to obtain EXCEPTIONAL results.


We start by taking the time to get to know you and your individual situation personally so that we can strategically create an exceptional plan for you. Then we follow up with you to ensure you’re making progress with your unique and detailed plan. We’ve found that having someone there to remind you where to focus your attention on the 20% of the work that makes 80% of the difference is critical.

The process is simple. After you sign up, you’ll be contacted and asked to answer several thought-provoking questions to help determine who you are and where you want to go in life. Once completed, we’ll arrange for our first conversation to start developing strategies to help you succeed.

The Investment

We know what it’s like to be a struggling medical student or overworked resident and we know that some private advisers charge up to $5000 for a comprehensive package including application review, mock interviews, and discovery sessions. We also know you already know how to fill out your application online, so we won’t insult you by charging hundreds of dollars to simply proofread what you’ve already done on your own. We’re offering much more than that at a much more reasonable price.

What we do know are the essential items that must be included in your application so that every interview is a cake-walk for you and you step out of your interviews with a huge smile on your face. Let me assure you the feeling of walking out of your interview at your top choice for residency or your first job knowing you just rocked it and that they were eating up everything you were saying is a feeling like no other.


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