DOT Podcast 002: On the Fence Between Specialties

By | August 2, 2014


In this episode, we discuss such topics as:

  • 1) The consequences of being on the fence;
  • 2) The struggle of choosing a medical specialty;
  • 3) Strategies for making the best decision with the time available; and
  • 4) Mindset and confidence level and their impact on residency interviews.

Obviously, choosing a medical specialty is one of the biggest decisions of your life – even more important than the decision to become a doctor. Many times we have difficulty deciding between 2 or more specialties, and, lets face it, we all know someone who has no clue what they want to do while decision time is fast approaching close to the residency match. Ensure you are prepared to choose a medical specialty so you can succeed in the residency match. Enjoy listening!