DOT Podcast 003: Location and Interviews

By | August 19, 2014


In this episode, we discuss such topics as:

  • 1) which aspects of location to consider for residency;
  • 2) whether or not you should consider location even before you choose a specialty or top program;
  • 3) strategies to determine if a location is right for you during and after residency;
  • 4) how to maximize interview experience with this knowledge; and
  • 5) how location influences how you should rank residency programs.

“The three most important things about Real Estate Residency are Location, Location, Location.”

Location is probably the #1 most relevant component of matching into residency. In fact, your desired location is just as important to the programs you are applying to as it should be for you. Spend some time pondering what location or destination you see yourself in during residency and listen to this episode to find out why it matters so much. Enjoy!