DOT Podcast 007: Strategies for the Residency Match

By | December 1, 2014


This podcast episode is an in-depth overview of the residency match. We discuss the following topics:

  • 1) how the residency match works in simple terms;
  • 2) who benefits most from the residency match;
  • 3) what is a pre-interview Rank Order List (ROL), how to develop one, and how to use it to maximize interview opportunities; and
  • 4) three key strategies for optimizing success in the residency match.

The residency match is an inescapable experience that seems to loom larger and larger every passing year of medical school. We often neglect it and push it into the far recesses of our minds until we come face to face with it and the application process early in our 4th year of medical school. It is confusing and the basics of it seem to elude even the brightest students, as Dr. Decker will tell you about how he was completely faked-out by a plastic surgery resident when he was a still a medical student.

Here are links to a couple resources for more information about the residency match:

1) Match Process: Straight from the horses mouth

2) Match Outcome Data: