ERAS Application, Part IV: Board Scores

By | September 23, 2014

Board scores are a critical part of not only your ERAS application, but also for determining which specialties are available to you and which interviews you get.  Check out  Podcast Episode 4 for our conversation on why Board scores matter so much.

In addition,  check out these wonderful resources:

1. How I scored a 257 on USMLE Step 1  by Michael Frazier, MD shared on

This lists the classic 3 resources that I used during my USMLE Step 1 study.

2. Firecracker – A new learning platform for medical students that I have been interested in lately

3. Many people want to emulate successful individuals, however, our learning abilities and patterns are vastly different. If we try to learn from the person that scored the highest on the USMLE at our school we may fall into a trap. It’s quite possible that this individual is an anomaly. It would be better to look at how people fail and just focus on not doing what they did.

If you agree, then check out Why Med Student Fail USMLE Step 1 – posted by Picmonic, another great studying platform

4. NRMP Match Outcomes – 290 pages of pure match data that is also divided by specialty –  NRMP Match Data