The month after I graduated medical school I met up with a fellow graduate to catch up. While updating each other on our future plans over coffee we wondered, “What determines success in medical school?” I was caught off guard. I could only think of grades and board scores. Clearly my mind was still stuck in medical student mode. Then it hit us. We realized how profound this question actually was. How would you have answered? Everyone answers this question differently. Many respond that simply becoming a doctor is enough to determine their success. Others may respond as I did, thinking it’s all about grades and board scores. The reality is answering that question is really quite simple – once you know how that is. And, believe it or not, the answer is closer than you think. In fact, it’s been right there all along during medical school. Some other questions to consider: What is your ultimate goal? What specialty would give your life the most meaning? Does your specialty even matter? Does your specialty influence how much respect you get? Which specialties result in greater happiness? Did you know this is already studied ANNUALY? What does it take to get into a competitive residency/specialty? Are you interesting or unique enough to make the cut? Docs of Tomorrow is pleased to offer an exclusive invitation to the first ever medical student retreat of its kind specifically geared toward teaching you skills and strategies designed to help you choose your medical specialty and match into your #1 residency program. Learn insider secrets about how you can utilize your time now to gain experience within multiple specialties, creating a snapshot of each along the way to guide your decision making process about residency. This retreat will bring industry experts from a variety of popular specialties in a relaxed and fun environment. You will hear their stories, pitfalls, successes, and lessons learned, stimulating you to design your own specific plan for your time in medical school and, ultimately, the future. This program is available to medical students of any year. However, seats are limited. Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up  HERE now. The full day retreat will include:
  • Physician Speakers – This is an amazing opportunity to hear multiple physicians in an array of specialties from both private practice and academia discuss their own experiences and give real advice in a single location!
  • Idea Generating Session – Here you will finally start to answer some of the questions above. This exercise should not be overlooked as it is extremely important for ensuring long-term success and happiness.
  • Resident Q&A Session – This will be like nothing you have heard before. These residents are in some of the most sought after programs in Southern California and are willing to answer any and all questions. Rest assured this will not be your typical medical school forum.
  • Networking After-Party Event – You will have the chance to meet one-on-one with the physicians, residents, colleagues, and hosts of the retreat. This will be relaxed, personal, and fun so you can feel comfortable asking additional questions.
  • Breakfast refreshments and catered lunch will be provided.
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